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Food is my passion. I love the stories food tells, the adventures food can evoke and recall. I love the meaning and memories we make when creating and enjoying food, when we dust off old recipes or create new ones. 


I am a food stylist, recipe and cookbook developer, and culinary event consultant with more than 25 years experience. Inspired by my father, a professional chef and restaurateur, and supported by my mother, who gave me free rein in our family kitchen, I‘ve spent a lifetime creating with the flavors and visuals of food.


How does food inspire you? How does it make you feel? Where does your love of food spring from, and where can it take you? Whatever your world is, I'll delight in the chance to immerse myself in it and help you give shape to its cultural, stylistic essence. 


Whether steeped in family tradition, or a flight of fantastical fancy, together we’ll create the food that tells your story.

Cooking Puttanesca Sauce
fresh pasta nests 2.jpg
Elena Craig Food Stylist California

"I have an innate love of HOLIDAYS, attention to DETAIL, the ability to quickly PROBLEM-SOLVE, and a love for TEAMWORK and being ALL IN on any project."

Chopping Peppers
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