I’m a food stylist, recipe developer, and cookbook developer with more than 25 years of experience in culinary design, marketing, photography, and publication. My passion is for discovering stories through food. Once you decide that it will taste amazing because it looks amazing, I want to tap into your emotions, how does it make you feel? What memories does it evoke, what place does it take you to, how does it inspire you? My joy comes from igniting the desire to dust off old family traditions or create some new ones. To make food and cooking an adventure instead of a chore. 

 Inspired to cook by my father and given free range to do so by my mother, I have spent a lifetime creating with food, and it's infinite combinations of flavors and visuals. Whatever your world is, whether it's a cultural, fantastical, or stylistic one, I'll jump into the challenge of finding the best way to tell the story within it, using the language of food ... with a little magic sprinkled in for flavor. 


Whether I’m your food stylist, recipe developer, or culinary consultant, I will immerse myself in your world, and passionately tell your story.

Cooking Puttanesca Sauce
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"I have an innate love of HOLIDAYS, attention to DETAIL, the ability to quickly PROBLEM-SOLVE, and a love for TEAMWORK and being ALL IN on any project."